About Us


Maxell has been producing world class products in Japan in the fields of energy (batteries, etc.) and storage (tape, disks, etc.) for the past 50 years.

Maxell has grown globally and rapidly since then, placing itself firmly as a world leader in production, design and research in the many new and diverse products it manufactures today.  Just a brief list includes; consumer batteries, specialist and industrial batteries, award winning recordable media for consumers and the broadcast industry, RFID devices and systems, lenses, moulding equipment and much more.

Maxell leads competitors with globally important  "greener" manufacturing and products in many areas, for example, strong CSR reports, bio-degradeable and/or recyclable packaging of many products, 0% mercury and 0% cadmium consumer batteries, and so on.

The name Maxell was formed by shortening the phrase "maximum capacity dry cell" to include only the first and last three letters and creating Maxell.

The Maxell name and trademark are owned by Hitachi Maxell Ltd, Japan, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. Japan.


Maxell's first production was in a small factory, almost like a stable, in Osaka, Japan in 1947 by Dr. Kamai and his co-founders.

Dr. Kamai's story of the humble but determined founding of Maxell inspired the business relationship between Maxell and Omophonic, as Australian Agents, since late 1969.

In 1961, the dry battery and magnetic tape divisions of Nitto Electric lndustrial Co Ltd, were finally set up independently as Maxell Electric lndustrial Co., Ltd.

In 1964, Maxell was joined with Hitachi Ltd, Japan, to become Hitachi Maxell Ltd., with it's headquarters in Osaka, Japan.  The global sales headquarters are now located in Tokyo, Japan. Maxell has, since its humble beginnings, placed the utmost importance on creating "world best" products, with research and development at the forefront of Maxell's endeavours. Maxell's world first technological breakthroughs

Maxell has pioneered and developed many battery products, optical storage devices, consumer and professional broadcast tape and recordable media products. With this leading technological edge, Maxell has put itself ahead of the competition.

Maxell was the world’s first to introduce:

1. High-performance zinc manganese batteries (1973)

2. Released the world's first production of consumer batteries with 0% Mercury and 0% Cadmium (1985)

3. Released the world's smallest diameter (4.8mm) silver oxide batteries SR421S and SR416S (1987)

4. Created audio cassette tapes Metal Vertex, the world's first cassette tapes using back-coated metal tapes. (1989)

5. Commercialized the world’s first optical modulation overdrive MO (RD-M230). (1995)

6. Released the world's first rewritable DVD-RAM discs(1998)

7. Obtained the world's first qualification certificate of Super DLTtape® II cartridge. (2003)

8. Commercialized the world's first 5X DVD-RAM disc. (2004)

9. Launched Epsialpha, the world's first alkaline dry battery to use 100% microzinc.(2005)

10. Launched the world's first write-once HD DVD-R disc with a 15GB storage capacity (2006)

11. Commercialized the world's first 7.5GB (8cm) BD-R/RE discs for video cameras (2007)

12. Launched world's first iVDR-standard hard disc drive, iV, capable of recording copyright protected high-definition content (2007)