• Maxell - iVDR VC102 Premium Video Capture Device

The Maxell VC102 is a lightweight, ultra-portable tapeless video capture device optimized for direct recording from virtually any FireWire-enabled DV video camera. Featuring cost-effective, high-capacity storage, native QuickTime and AVI support, and other Direct-to-Disk capabilities that you have come to rely on, the VC102 is designed to help you save time, effort and money in the field. Thanks to VC102, gone are the wasted hours (and dollars) digitizing tape. Instead, production pros can "recapture" their most precious resource - time. With its internal rechargeable battery, VC102 connects to HD, HDV, and DV camcorders to simultaneously or independently capture footage to tape and/or a removable high-capacity iVDR EX hard drive cartridge directly from the camera's FireWire port. When shooting is complete, you can set your camcorder to VCR mode to play the scenes on the viewfinder or simply plug directly into your computer's FireWire port to edit or play your video footage at anytime. With VC102's broad video format and non-linear editing (NLE) compatibility video pros can easily leverage today's burgeoning instant or "same-day" editing (SDE) applications - facilitating not more efficient ways of recording and editing video, but also "capturing" high levels of profitability.

Maxell iVDR VC102 Video Capture Device is an ultra-portable, tapeless, video capture device for FireWire based cameras. This includes DV, HDV, and DVCPRO based cameras.Depending on your camera, iVDR VC102 will record simultaneously with tape or P2 card or standalone to just the VC102. VC102 can also play back recorded footage through your camera's viewfinder.A simple LED menu on iVDR allows the user to play and delete clips. File format can also be specified, including QuickTime (MOV), AVI, M2T, or RawDV.An internal lithium battery provides up to 90 minutes of continuous record time.

iVDR EX Cartridge
iVDR EX Field Tough Media is specifically designed for video professionals providing a quality of ruggedness not found in other brands.

A 250GB cartridge will capture up to 19 hours of DV/HDV footage or 4.5 hours of DVCPRO HD footage.

Many Applications
iVDR VC102 is suited for many uses including rugged and harsh environments, mobile ENG workflows, documentaries, military field work, mobile videography, mobile law enforcement and more.


  • Removable Media
  • Multiple File Formats: RawDV, MOV, AVI, M2T
  • Camera controlled recording with or without tape or memory card media.
  • Archive tape content
  • Optional external battery

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Maxell - iVDR VC102 Premium Video Capture Device

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